Friday, December 12, 2008


Pulling up to the school yesterday to pick up the kids, I saw a ginormous rainbow, seeming to reach from one side of heaven to the other. I snapped a shot with the lousy cellphone camera (see picture), and immediately darted inside, borrowing the school camera to get a better quality picture of this gorgeous phenomenon. I figured with a real camera I would be able to tweak the scene and get a great rainbow shot.

I took a few pictures, capturing several settings of exposure and effects. Though the thing was still up there, I couldn’t take another image with even a hint of that rainbow. By then the sky was changing, the rainbow was fading, and it was nothing more than a noisy image on my 1 megapixel cellphone cam.

This little situation reminded me to seize the moment. Rather than running around looking for the proper moment, celebrate the one happening right now. Enjoy every bit of blessed time the good Lord has seen fit to give! “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord,” means to me that every breath I take should be a moment to grab up and use for God’s glory. As long as I’m breathin’ I’ll be praisin’ Him!

Note to Killjoys: I realize that puppies and rainbows probably won’t cure cancer, or bring world peace, but they are sometimes worth a couple of minutes of your time!

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  1. Great insights! Definitely something I should do more - stop and smell the roses! It's all God's creation, even the thorns. Reminds me of Connie Ten Boom and her thankfulness for the rats.

    ~ Krismerly3


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