Monday, June 21, 2010

Survival of The Sympathy

I overheard a girl  in a store lamenting the tragedy of Europeans coming over to America, killing the indigenous people and stealing their land.  I have a few theories about said invasion.  I would have kept these to myself but for the other side of your world view.

She clearly indicated a strong slant away from intelligent design,  and toward all things evolutionary.  Here's my question:  Evolution is the acceptance of the survival of the fittest, the strong eat the weak, dogs and cats living together...  That last part is actually from Ghost Busters, but you get the idea.

How can you accept a world view that assumes one group displacing another through a more robust immune system, military might, or even technological advantage is simply part of the circle of life, but then actually complain about it when it happens?  What ground does she have to stand on, if the atrocities about which she gripes are just another step in the evolutionary cycle?  Sure she can voice her dissenting opinion about U.S. history.  But without some authority to appeal to, it's just that - opinion!

Jesus comes along and claims that the Scripture cannot be broken.  He gives us that higher authority as a foundation for morality.   How great to have something higher than just public opinion on which to base the very issues of our lives!

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