Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christian Pinterest

Just thought I'd jot some of my first impressions of Pinterest.  It's been around a while.  I recently checked it out.  What added dimension can Christians bring to Pinterest?  Here are a few off the top of my head:

1.  Expression
Visual art has been intertwined with our faith ever since early believers scratched the acronym ichthys (fish) and its image on the walls of catacombs.  Pinterest is a great way to share the fruit of 2,000 years of such expression.  It's not bad for original material either.

2.  Encouragement
What I've seen of "Christian Pinterest" so far have been Scripture or inspirational quotes.  Sometimes, due to the information overload of social media, I experience no reaction to such posts.  But occasionally something clicks and one simple statement will encourage and inspire me throughout the day!

3. Truth
More than expression, Pinterest can be an outlet for truth.  The truth of the Gospel doesn't substitute for the love of the Gospel.  But with wisdom and tact, believers can give their friends and contacts thought-provoking points in their posts.

4.  Community
You can set up group boards for youth, ladies, men and other church groups to stay in contact with each other.  In addition to the above suggestions, you can post announcements, invitations, or even scriptures related to a particular season (Advent, for example) to your group board.

5.  Joy
Or, you could just go with the flow, create a zany board with a silly name, post fun stuff to it and enjoy!  As Christians, I think we're supposed to have a certain amount of joy.  :-)

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