Saturday, November 14, 2020


I’ll be turning 50 in a week.  I'm married for the second time.  She's a wonderful, beautiful woman who keeps me on my toes most of the time!  I’ve had the privilege of seeing my children grow up into adults and teens.  I can breathe without assistance, seldom skip a meal, and most of the food I enjoy digests with minimal problems.  All my limbs still work as well as my mind.  I have much to be thankful for!

I’ve lived as a sinner and a saint.  I’ve lived hypocritically and sincerely.  I’ve tried and failed to follow the example of Jesus.  I’ve given up and started over many times.  I’ve learned to rely on God’s grace and Jesus’ faithfulness to be my righteousness and hope of glory.  I’ve struggled with bouts of depression and despair.  I’ve reveled in moments of ecstasy and joy.   I believe there is one of two possible causes for this life I've lived so far. 

First Possibility:  Random Forces

There are two possibilities.  I don’t see more than two.  The first is, I am the product of natural forces randomly interacting in just the right way to produce intelligent life - somewhat intelligent in my case.  In this scenario I can’t see any good reason to believe that any part of me would be eternal.  I suppose the matter that makes up my body would continue in some form, maybe as long as this universe exists.  

In this case, my life is meaningless; my thoughts and deeds or meaningless.  In 500 years my great grandchildren will not even be remembered, much less me!  No emotion I feel, no activity I engage in, no memory I make will last into the 22nd century.  Eventually, the whole universe will reach absolute zero and die.  Long before that the human race will cease to exist.  No trace anyone ever lived.  No point to anything.  No action committed by any human was ever really good or evil.  Thank Sartre

Second Possibility:  Intelligent Planning

The second possibility is that I am the product of intelligent planning.  I used to think the structure and function of a human eye provided plenty of evidence for this.  Later, I learned about molecular machines that operate inside the tiny cells that make up the entire human body.  These machines operate as motors, propellers, and other such items found in the visible world.  Except these things were designed to fit inside of cells which are an average of 100 micrometers (one millionth of a meter)!  The kinesin motor protein is only about 8 nanometers (a nanometer is 1 billionth of a meter) and still manages to shuffle along inside the cell!  Each component tirelessly does its job, making the entire cell work, which makes organs work, which make me work!  So, the evidence for design is there.  


Who was the designer?  If you say aliens, then who designed those aliens?  seems to me there has to be a first cause.  In the ancient world if you asked someone what was underneath the elephant that was holding up the world, they would probably say, “another elephant, holding up that one.”  If you persisted in trying to find the first cause, they might finally answer, “Why, it’s just elephants all the way down!”  

First Cause

If there is a first cause, it could be either God, as theologians claim, or “quantum fluctuations in a vacuum” as quantum physicists argue.  If someone were to ask what caused God?  I suppose the same question could be asked, what caused the quantum fluctuations?  Seems like there has to be a first cause, and God seems to be the best explanation for intelligence designing the universe.  A quantum fluctuation in a vacuum is something that exists outside of space and time, according to the theory.  God also is said to exist outside of space and time.  The complexity of the universe points to God as designer rather than fluctuations.  

Infinity with a Personality!

One definition of God could be like an infinite mind.  You could say God is infinity with intelligence and personality.  Personal infinity would also work.  The ramifications of saying the Biblical God created me are numerous:  I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  I am loved.  I am chosen to exist and live life.  The things I think, say, and do ultimately matter.  Good and evil are real and absolute.  

For some, the jump from infinite mind to the Biblical God seems like too much of a stretch.  I rely on the historical event of the life of Jesus recorded by four witnesses to get me from A to B.  The witnesses say that everything Jesus said about himself turned out to be verifiably true by way of the his Resurrection.  Therefore, everything he said about God, humanity, the world, and eternity can be trusted.  


For those who try to force a choice between science and faith, do some research.  Look at scientists in history and currently who also had/have Christian faith.  Read their writings about God.  Read Richard Bauckham’s Jesus and the Eyewitnesses.  Read the four Gospel accounts.  I pray fare thee well on your journey!  For 50 years, in spite of my lapses toward unfaithfulness, 

He has always been faithful to me!  I pray you find Him to be the same in your life!

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  1. Good word. Complicated for us average minds. The highly intelligent will love it. Glad to see you writing again! Keep it up.


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